Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to advertise with Money Mailer?

It depends on several things – most importantly, the frequency and number of zones you mail. First we will review and discuss what your needs and goals are. Then, we will map out where you will best reach your customers and begin discussing a marketing plan and mailing schedule. After those short steps, we can let you know what the cost will be.

2. How often does Money Mailer mail?

Money Mailer is mailed 12 times a year. Take a moment and review our mailing schedule to see when we mail to the areas you are most interested in.

3. My main business location is in Old Bridge, but I do business in Morristown and Princeton, too. Do you advertise in those other cities?

Absolutely! You can mail anywhere in New Jersey and the United States:  You can go wherever Money Mailer mails!  Additionally, Money Mailer of Central New Jersey will be your “one-stop-shop.” We handle all of the ad placement, artwork, and deadlines for you for anywhere you’d like to mail.

4. How will I know Money Mailer works?

The proof is in the redemptions that come through the door.  That’s the best part of advertising with Money Mailer. You can measure your success with your return on investment.

5. Who designs the ads?

We can or you can do it.  We will work closely with you to create an ad for you that will ensure the most success for your business.

6. Do you give advice on what offers work best?

Yes! Keep in mind a strong offer is critical to your success. We have been in business for over 30 years and know what offers work best and we will make recommendations to you.

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